We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You

We used to look up to our parents and perceive them as our heroes and people who really know a lot. Then comes a point in our lives where we learn to think independently and realize that our parents did commit a number of mistakes that might have affected us along the way. And if we take it in a negative way, we immediately judge them for their mistakes. We self righteously bash towards them their shortcomings, correct them like we’re the know-it-all kids and act like we know more about life.

We are the new generation of soon to be parents. And yes, our parents may have commited mistakes and haven’t been straight A parents throught their parenthood life. But they have diligently and lovingly placed their whole lifetime in giving us a better future. Investing their time, money and love on us to the point of sacrificing their own comfort. There are no perfect parents, but they sure do love a lot expressed in many different ways! This is to all the parents out there including mine who are the best examples of the most unselfish and most loving people on the planet. We are indeed blessed to have parents. And yes, they are still our heroes :)

No matter what happens, I’d like to stay as me. I mean, i want to grow and learn and experience adventures. And I really wanna fullfil my dreams and goals. I don’t want to be the bad me that I was a few years back nor the immature kid i was. I want to be the Kirsty that I am. The me that loves Jesus. The me that is practical about life. The me that enjoys innocence. And the me that doesn’t want to change just so that she could fit into the world’s pespective. Because some people would give or do everything to fit in. Well, I don’t. So whatever happens, let me be the me that I am in Christ.

Jesus: The reason for life

The difference is that I’m not trying to figure out my purpose in life anymore. Coz I had already found that in Christ.

I tell you, you cannot “un-love” a person. Coz if you did, then that wasn’t love. 

When I started watching The Carrie Diaries, it made me realize how a seventeen year old teenager who pretty much acted way more than her age could make me feel a little less alone in my shell full of mishaps and mayhem

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What flaws???? I can love you as you are. But can you love me as I am?

:3 how can I love an Anon? Mehe